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The museum town of Pilgrim’s Rest is retained in the same state as it was in 150 years ago, when it was the centre of the first gold rush in South Africa! The afternoon is spent hiking to view six of the most spectacular waterfalls in the green, high rainfall area of the town of Sabie.
The tour departs from Elandela Lodge, after a breakfast at 07h00, on a two hour drive to Pilgrim’s Rest town. Pilgrim’s Rest dates back to 1873, when a prospector - known as Wheelbarrow Alex because he transported all his belongings around in a wheelbarrow - struck  gold in a nearby creek. For a while the town grew and flourished. The heady days of the “gold rush” are long past, but the carefully preserved village retains much of its early character. It is easy to envisage what life was like in a gold rush town in the middle of South Africa, 150 years ago! Shop at the curio market or any of the speciality shops inside the original buildings made out of building material, imported on ox wagons all the way from the far off ports. In those days it took a ship 3 months to sail from England to the Port of Durban, but six months by ox wagon from Durban to Pilgrim’s Rest! The shopkeepers try to keep the original atmosphere, as recorded by the curious inscriptions on the tombstones in the cemetery. Enjoy lunch in one of the many restaurants before leaving at 12h00.
The first stop is at the Sabie Town waterfall. Then, stop at two spectacular waterfalls – Lone Creek Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. It takes two and a half hours to view them both as the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls is in pristine forest at the top of a mountain trail, 500 meters from the car park.
At 15h00 hours we stop at the Maria Shires Falls, where we start a 1 km stroll to reach the wide and impressive Forest Falls! This is ideal to stretch your legs and also to marvel at the huge tree ferns and the lush indigenous forest. We leave at 16h00 to stop at the very high Mac Mac Falls – so called because of all the Scottish prospectors in Pilgrim’s Rest at the time! You have the option to purchase artefacts from vendors located at the fall’s entrance. We head back, to reach Elandela at dinner time.
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