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Included in your tariff are two daily Game Drives, or Walking Safaris, on Elandela Private Game Reserve. The early morning Game Drive leaves at 06h00 and returns at 09h00. The afternoon Game Drive leaves at 15h30 and returns at 19h30. We do offer a short tour with a spotlight at dusk, at the end of the Safari and you are most welcome to request to handle the spotlight yourself.

As our Game Drives are done with open Land Cruiser Safari Vehicles, please take this opportunity to become part of your wild surroundings. The motto is respect and silence. Children are welcome on our Game Drives, but only under strict parental supervision. The animals you encounter are wild and will not show themselves to a noisy vehicle! Please bear in mind that as our’s is a Private Property and as the Lodge is an Exclusive Boutique Lodge - where your exclusivity is absolutely guaranteed – that you will not encounter other strange Game Drive Vehicles or have embarrassing encounters with guests from other Lodges during your Private Game Drive experience here on Elandela Private Game Reserve.

All our highly qualified Guides especially enjoy taking Elandela guests on short, physically undemanding Game Walks. This is the way to discover the world of the smaller Mammals and Reptiles and the Insects they prey on. We advise our Guests to request Walking Safaris from the Guide in stead of, or during, their Game Drive, as a way to understand how delicate the balances in nature are!

Our Game Drives and Walking Safaris are specifically intended to create feelings and memories with our visiting Friends.  We share our property with an amazing array of different animal characters. Their individual personalities, blended with their specific ecological roles, ensure that each Game Drive or Game Walk is different and exceptional. Everybody will stand in awe next to our giant Marula trees and will gasp in respect to our ancient lady Baobab! The Rhino families will leave you in no doubt that they alone decide as to who goes where. The playful and spectacular White Lions will leave you in no doubt that they can switch to ultimate predators in literally the blink of an eye. The huge and apparently untouchable Buffalo will leave you in no doubt as to the fact that true invincibility lies in the group. And the family of Leopards? The family of Leopards down by the bridge will leave you in no doubt as to what a truly beautiful sight is!

Come and enjoy these sights and sounds with our team of skilled and knowledgeable Game Rangers. We understand the need for good light and positioning in order to capture your perfect memories digitally. We understand you have travelled far so as to return as witnesses of our Bushveld Wonder World. Yours will be a unique experience - every game drive is different. An open and appreciative mind will unlock a lifetime of memories and an insatiable thirst to return to Elandela Private Game Reserve!
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